Student Stories & Testimonials

Status quos areMADE TO BE BROKEN– Ray Davis

Student Stories


Jazmin often missed school because she was sick. She’s extremely allergic to smoke and many different foods. “Since I was sick at home by myself so often, I would get really depressed,” said Jazmin. When she was able to go to school, she never knew what was going on in class. Trying to catch up seemed impossible. There were times when teachers would really try to support Jazmin, but then it felt like they just stopped believing in her.

At one point, Jazmin tried an online program, but it was hard to find the assignments and the support she needed wasn’t there. She didn’t receive any credit for an entire year. She knew she needed to find a different option. That’s when the Principal at Broomfield High School told her to speak with Rachael, a CYC Educational Outreach Specialist. When Rachael called Jazmin, she instantly felt supported and finally felt like she was going to start moving forward with her life and her education.

Jazmin had very few credits and so she and Rachael discussed going to Arapahoe Ridge High School (ARHS). ARHS allows students to go at a faster pace in order to receive more credits. “I was nervous at first, but I really like it now,” said Jazmin. The teachers are her favorite part. “They are all fun people with different personalities and they know how to deal with all the students.”

Jazmin is so thankful for Rachael. Rachael always makes sure that any decisions about Jazmin’s education and her life are her own. “She makes me understand that all options are still open.”

When asked what success looks like to her, Jazmin says “success to me is graduating from high school! I am telling myself that I want to do it, therefore I have to. I push through the pain of being sick. I walk a mile and a half to the bus stop every morning to catch the seven o’clock bus. Sometimes when I walk to the bus I feel frozen, but I am motivated by the work I am going to do at school that day.” After high school, Jazmin wants to go to Naropa University and become a novelist.


DiorJonea’ didn’t want to leave the state she called home, her friends, her basketball and track teammates or her high school, but she and her mom were moving to Colorado to be near her sister. She started going to an early college tech school, but there was no structure and she started falling behind. She dropped out of school. She planned to go back eventually, but didn’t know how to find the right school.

A few months later, Rachael, a CYC Educational Outreach Specialist, called her and asked if she wanted to go back to school. At first she wasn’t going to even call Rachael back, but her mom pushed her to call her. She finally did and they set up a time to meet. She was so nervous to meet with Rachael. She really wanted to graduate this school year, but wasn’t she sure if it was possible.  The meeting wasn’t that bad and Rachael gave her a few different school options to think about. When she heard about DC-21, it seemed like it could be a good fit. They were lucky enough to be able to visit the school that day and as soon as DiorJonea’ walked through the doors she liked it. She enrolled that day.

Since working with Rachael and attending DC-21, DiorJonea’ has excelled in school. She says “every day I walk into the building and (the Principal), Mr. Simmons, tells me I am a queen and a scholar.” This kind of support means the world to DiorJonea’. Last quarter she made honor roll and is on track to make it again. She beams with pride as we look over her grades. She has all As and she will graduate with her high school diploma in January.  She will be the first in her family to graduate from high school. Her family has played a big part in her motivation. Although two of her brothers are incarcerated, she says they push her the hardest. They are always checking in to see how she’s doing in school and they make her send pictures of her grades.

Both Rachael and her DiorJonea’s counselor at DC-21 say they have seen her attitude change a lot too. If she has a question or needs help, she will reach out to her teachers and the other staff.

DiorJonea’s goal is to move back to Texas and go to college and become a nurse. There is no doubt that she will reach these goals.


Transitioning to high school from middle school is hard. It doesn’t matter who you are. While Monique had a lot of her friends make the transition with her, walking into a school with over a thousand students was overwhelming. She felt lost and scared.  There was so much homework and finding a silent place to study at home with her mom, dad, 3 siblings and her niece was difficult. Monique also got sucked into the “fun” of ditching class, it seemed like everyone was doing it so why not. She started failing a couple of her classes and she didn’t know what to do; overwhelmed from getting so behind left her feeling helpless. She couldn’t see a way out.

Monique started working with Emily, a CYC Educational Intervention Specialist, and slowly started to turn things around.  When Emily and Monique started working together, Emily didn’t even bring up grades because the instant they were mentioned Monique shutdown. The second semester of her freshman year, her goal was to pass all her classes. She worked hard and began to gain faith in her ability to do her work.  She met her goal and passed all her classes.

Now in her sophomore year, Monique even checks her grades on her own. Monique says “ last year, the thought of wasting my lunch time to do homework was crazy to me, but now I pretty much do homework during lunch every day. I care about my grades.” Monique and Emily beam with pride as they announce that Monique has no missing assignments, great attendance and all Bs and As.  She stays after school every day to get her homework done. She also joined student council last year and while she was hesitant at first, she loves it now. It pushed her to make new friends and has made her involved with her school in many different ways.  She loves her school now! Her favorite class this year is Biology. Her goal is to attend college at Colorado University. When asked who she wants to make proud, she says “my mom.” Emily says “it’s been so amazing to watch Monique grow. I’m so proud of her and it’s so great to be able to see her relax and have fun in high school while staying on top of her grades and her attendance.”


Sometimes all it takes is a little extra support and perseverance. In 2015, Jesse came across Julissa’s list of students who dropped out of Emily Griffith High School. Emily Griffith just didn’t have enough structure for Jesse and he ended up not obtaining any credits during the time he spent there. Jesse really just needed someone to support him and stay persistent. CYC's model was the perfect fit for Jesse. Julissa met with him and his mom and they figured out a plan. Initially, Julissa enrolled Jesse in Justice High School because it was the only good fit that was enrolling at the time. While it was great to get Jesse back into school right away, he decided it was not the best long-term fit. He advocated for himself and enrolled in the Contemporary Learning Academy. Jesse became committed to his education and determined to graduate with a high school diploma. He will graduate in two weeks. After graduating, Jesse will attend the Colorado Construction Institute where he will not only obtain a certificate in construction, but he will also be paid for his work during the program and be able to start supporting himself.


Our collaboration with Colorado Youth for a Change has been pivotal in creating a comprehensive plan for dropout re-engagement, prevention, intervention and ongoing support. This partnership with Colorado Youth for a Change has allowed us to demonstrate measurable success in a short period of time."– Brian Ewert, Superintendent, Englewood Schools

We began our work with CYC at one of our high schools and quickly expanded the work to one of our alternative schools. The work has been amazing! Without reservation, I can say that it has been the comprehensive approach taken by CYC that has made all the difference."– Deirdre Pilch, Assistant Superintendent for School Leadership, Boulder Valley Schools

It really helps when there is someone to talk to and help, it makes you feel like at least someone cares and gives you hope to succeed.– CYC Student
The staff has helped me look at school in a better way and have opportunities I never thought could happen. Everything they do is amazing; when students see how much teachers really care they will try harder.
– CYC Student